Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel balancing services in Malvern, Worcestershire

Do you need wheel balancing services for your car? Contact Millers Discount Tyre Centre Ltd. We can fulfil all your requirements.

Latest wheel alignment techniques

If you feel a certain vibration when you drive your car, it may be a sign that the wheels need aligning. Contact Millers Discount Tyre Centre Ltd. We utilise the latest wheel alignment techniques. We use a Hunter's digital camera system supplied by Pro-Align that uses an intelligent camera system. So, our work is always precise. 
We also use computerised wheel balancing machines.

You can bring your car to us for regular wheel balancing and wheel alignment. Our services can extend the life of your tyres and improve the fuel efficiency of your car.
Wheel alignment

Our wheel alignment and balancing can help:

  • Improve your car's handling
  • Reduce steering issues
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Reduce premature tyre wear
  • Reduce suspension issues
Take a look at our tyre services.
Car tyre servicing
Straightforward, honest, hard-working people who'll treat you with respect. Prices keen as mustard too. The best place in Malvern by far.

- Peter Whatley
If you're looking for wheel alignment and wheel balancing services in Malvern, Worcestershire, contact Millers Discount Tyre Centre Ltd on
01684 572 958
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